2019 Balloons

***Contact individual pilots to book your flight***

Tethered Rides are $20 per person and can be purchased on-site.

Full Balloon Rides start at $275 per person -- Rides must be booked with pilots

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Please contact a pilot below with any questions.
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Balloon Pilots cannot guarantee the length of the balloon ride, though most rides last between an hour and 1 1/2 hours. 


The Northeast Balloon Festival takes place July 12-14, 2019 at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Florida Balloon Adventures - Bill Whidden

Florida Balloon Adventures - Bill Whidden

Bill Whidden, Florida Balloon Adventures

Phone: (407) 414-7451

Email: wswhids41@gmail.com

Website: http://floridaballoonadventures.com/ 

Balloon Name: Great Balls of Fire

Bill and Trish Whidden have been professionally ballooning since the early 80's. They began flying in Tallahassee, FL and operated a ride operation there for 12 years before moving back to Central Florida in 1991. Bill and Trish have been consultants to balloon festival organizers since 1983 and began the Tallahassee Springtime Balloon Festival as well as many others, even as far away as New Zealand.  Bill serves as a “Balloonmeister “ for many events and has served in that role for over 100 events across the country.  Having flown in most of the contiguous lower 48 states, they have also flown in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and Portugal. Among some of their more exciting and memorable flights is a flight into the depths of Niagara Falls in front of the “Horseshoe,” and winter flying high in the Austrian Alps.

Bill is a longstanding member of the Balloon Federation of America, Granite State Balloon Association, the Great Eastern Ballooning Association and a frequent guest speaker at safety seminars throughout the Southeast.  He is a FAA certified commercial balloon pilot and is re-certified every 24 months and has logged over 2700 hours of flight time. The aircraft are inspected and certified as airworthy every 100 hours or annually, whichever comes first. In addition to hot air balloons. Bill is also licensed to fly gas balloons.

John Cavin

Phone: (321) 431-5542

Email: Jccavin@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.cartoonhotairballoons.com/

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird

Puddy Cat

Puddy Cat

Walk around inside of a Hot Air Balloon this July!!!

tethered rides.png

Take a Tethered Ride and go up about 50 Feet for a Taste of Hot Air Ballooning!!!

Tethered Rides $20 per person - purchased at the event

Worthington Ballooning - Paul Sena

Worthington Ballooning - Paul Sena


Paul Sena

Phone: (413) 238-5514

Email: Worthingtonballooning@gmail.com

Website: worthingtonballooning.com

Balloon Name: Thunderbuster

I started flying balloons in 1990 and at this time have over 2100 flights.  With my wife, Judy as faithful crew , we have traveled to Ireland, New Zealand, Costa Rica , and through out United States flying our balloon  Thunderbuster.  I was trained in Hillsbrough NH by  Capt  Ed Lappies and have flown in the Milford Area many times. We own a large farm in Worthington Massachusetts and in the spring make pure maple syrup from over 11,000 trees. At this time my son and I are building a Farm Brewery which will be open in October so please stop by if your in our neighborhood, Looking forward to flying back in Milford and seeing old friends.  Soft Landings

Balloon Rides NH - Andre Boucher

Balloon Rides NH - Andre Boucher

Andre Boucher, A & A Balloon Rides

Phone: (603) 432-6911

Email:  bearship3@comcast.net

Website:  balloonridesnh.com

Balloon Name: Passion

Andre Boucher, from Chester, NH, is the pilot of Passion.  His love of ballooning started 32 years ago and became a commercial pilot in 1994.  He has over 2,200 hours as Pilot in Command to date!  Andre has flown in many of the states in the US, including Alaska, Montana and New Mexico. Andre has also flown in Canada, France and Leon, Mexico.  Andre is excited to participate in the 1st Annual Northeast Balloon Festival as he flies in New Hampshire year-round.  Andre believes in spreading his passion of ballooning and has trained several other New Englander’s to receive their Pilot’s license, including his son, Jason Boucher of Infinity & Beyond.

Last One - Beth Hamilton

Last One - Beth Hamilton

Beth Hamilton

Phone: (508) 252-3647

Email: n90eh@comcast.net

Website: http://www.balloonfantasiesofrehoboth.net/

Balloon Name: Last One

The Hamiltons have been flying for over 30 years and are looking forward to flying in the Northeast Balloon Festival. "In all our years of flying the winds have not taken us to Milford, NH. We operate a ride business in Massachusetts and at one time housed five balloons in our small balloon barn. For us it was a family experience. Since we both fly and now only have one balloon we must take turns piloting. And we're still married! We hope to bring our family to meet yours! It is a wonderful adventure."

A Yankee Balloon - William Colyer

A Yankee Balloon - William Colyer

William Colyer

Phone: (203) 255-1929

Email: ayankeeballoon@aol.com

Website: http://www.ayankeeballoon.com/

Balloon Name: Last Penny

A Yankee Balloon LLC is owned and operated by Bill Colyer.  Bill is a FAA certified commercial pilot and flight instructor.  He has been flying balloons since 1974. His first flight was in Indianola, Iowa.   It was there that he met Brian & Kathy Boland.  After receiving training from Boland, he decided to build his own experimental balloon.  More recently, Bill has built a two-place balloon that separates into smaller components for travel.

Bill met his girlfriend Pat in 1979 at the Long Island Sound of America Balloon Festival.  Pat was the co-chairman for 11years.  Together they have 10 flights across Long Island Sound, with two landings in the back of a boat!

Besides the ride operation, Bill attends 10-12 balloon events a year.  At these festivals he has been a real competitor, inning awards and prize money.  He has won first place at the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, the Overall Champion at the Great New England Balloon Festival at Riverside Park, and the Best of Show at Goshen, Connecticut.   Internationally, he takes his all experimental balloon to Ireland almost every year.  There, he was part of the American Team that won Ireland’s Frank Barnes Trophy.  Bill has flown at the Expo in Vancouver as well as many times in St. Jeans Sur Richeleau, near Montreal.  He has flown the Alps, crossing one Alp (ask about that one) in Mauterndorf, Austria at the Fire & Snow Festival.  Bill has also attend-ed the Waiarapa & Waikato Festivals in New Zealand several times.  There, he won the Masterton Balloon Cup. Bill has been a Balloonmeister at many events in the Northeast.

Infinity Balloon - Jason Boucher

Infinity Balloon - Jason Boucher

Jason Boucher

Phone: (603) 321-5562

Email: Infinityballoon@aol.com  

Website: www.infinityballooning.com

Balloon Name: Serendipity

Jason Boucher is a 2nd generation hot air balloon pilot from Chester, NH. Jason’s passion for ballooning began in 2001 when he started chasing full time for his dad. In the fall of 2004, Jason made the decision to take his passion to a new height. In just 10 short months Jason had achieved his goal of becoming a Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot. With his wife Michelle by his side, Jason has over 800 flights in NH, ME, VT, MA, CT, NJ and Canada.

Hour Big Bundle of Joy - Walt Rudy

Hour Big Bundle of Joy - Walt Rudy

Walt Rudy

Phone: (330) 212-1207

Email: walter.r.rudy@gmail.com

Click for Facebook Page

Balloon Name: Hour Big Bundle of Joy

Walt is the owner of Aloft Horizons, "the ultimate in ballooning adventures." Walt and his wife (and crew chief) are from Wadsworth, Ohio. He began his ballooning career in 1984. Walt has over 1,200 hot air balloon flight hours. He has flown in 20 states and 2 countries outside the U.S. He is also a special shape pilot who has flown shapes such as the flying tomato, a panda bear, a (f)lighthouse and a 3-tiered birthday cake topped with candles among others. 

Walt and his friend were out taking rural pictures when he spotted a hot air balloon floating in the distance. The chase was on. Walt and his friend were there to greet the hot air balloon and its occupants as it landed. Unbeknownst to Walt, a local surgeon whom he knew, was a student pilot on board the balloon. Walt saw the surgeon a few months later where Walt asked how the ballooning was going. The surgeon stated that they were selling the balloon. Walt bought his first hot air balloon never having flown in one and completed his flight instruction with the same instructor who was teaching the previous owners. 

Walt and his wife are also pilots in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Walt has been involved as a pilot and an inflation team member with the parade for 18 years. Walt is also an avid hiker and hiked over 1,200 miles last year. He looks forward to sharing his passion for ballooning with passengers and spectators in Milford, NH

Mrs. Happy in Cognito Too - Darrek Daoust

Mrs. Happy in Cognito Too - Darrek Daoust

Darrek Daoust

Phone: (802) 369-0213

Email: balloonsofvermont@comcast.net

Website: http://www.balloonsofvermont.com/

Balloon Name: Mrs. Happy in Cognito Too

"Every flight is a new adventure. What is most enjoyable is the great people you are able to meet from all over the world. From Bermuda to the Azores, Cape Town to Moscow. Still looking forward to meeting my next passenger to share my passion for the sport." 

Darrek began his hot air ballooning career in the mid 1990's, but before too long, realized that he wanted his own balloon. Darrek graduated from a 141 Flight School located in Park City, Utah. Darrek is a FAA Certified Commercial Pilot, flying year round in Quechee. He has had the pleasure of flying in Italy, parts of Europe and Canada. Plus our last adventure, flying across Lake Winnipesaukee.

For recent ballooning adventures and aerial photos of the beautiful Quechee area, visit our website: www.balloonsofvermont.com or find us on Facebook!


Tim Strand

Phone: (908) 310-1318

Email: tstrand7@gmail.com

Website: www.Balloon-America.com

Facebook Page: Balloon America


Jim Regan

Phone: 860-209-0351

Email: ctballooning@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.CTBallooning.com

Facebook Page: CT Ballooning

Jim Regan is the owner & chief pilot for CT Ballooning, LLC.  He started ballooning in 1986, earned his pilots certificate in 1991 and has flown throughout the US, as well as in Canada, Mexico and New Zealand.  Besides flying regular shape balloons, Jim is an experienced special shape balloon pilot and is also an active competition pilot with numerous top-10 finishes to his credit.  When not flying, Jim is a full-time firefighter for the city of Manchester CT.

Patches - Don LaFountain

Patches - Don LaFountain

Don LaFountain

Phone: 413-387-5658

Email: don.firehawk@gmail.com

Website: www.mistyriverballooning.com

Balloon Name: Patches


Tim Taylor

Phone: 413-822-7848

email: berkshireballoonexcursions@gmail.com

website: berkshireballoonexcursions.com

Balloon Name: Rainbow Dreams


Balloon TBA


Balloon TBA